Book Review: Mariana Zapata – “Hands down”

10. July 2020

Some of you might know that Mariana Zapata is one of my favorite authors ever. She just writes such wonderful books, you can’t help but love them all. And she’s called the queen of slow burn for a reason. So you can imagine my level of happiness when she released her latest book “Hands Down” a few days ago. And it made me even happier to find out that it’s another sports romance!

I really enjoyed reading about Bianca and Zac, which is a friends-to-lovers story. The idea of Bianca’s “The Lazy Baker” was really great and I had to stop myself from looking it up on youtube, hoping that this site might exist after all. And the best of all: The cameo appearence from Aiden and Vanessa from my all time favorite book ever, ever, ever “The Wall of Winnipeg and me”! And we even got a small glimpse again on Jasmine and Ivan Lukov from “From Lukov with love”. So, all in all, this book made me very happy, I tried to savour every page and not read to fast, but this is nearly impossible with Mariana’s books. So as always, I reached the last page much too quickly… 5 stars for me!

Here’s the blurb (Link to the book on goodreads):

Before he was Big Texas, he was Zac the Snack Pack.

Bianca Brannen knows time—mostly—heals all wounds. Including those your once loved ones might have unintentionally given you. (Those just take longer.)

She thinks she’s ready when a call has her walking back into her old friend’s life. Or at least as prepared as possible to see the starting quarterback in the National Football Organization. Before the lights, the fans, and the millions, he’d been a skinny kid with a heart of gold.

Waltzing out of Zac Travis’s life should be easy. Just as easy as he walked out of hers.

If you’re a fan of sports romance and of slow burn love stories – this is your book, I highly recommend it to you. And if you happen to be a new reader of Mariana Zapata, please go and check out all her other books, starting with “The Wall of Winnipeg and me” (please find my book review for TWOW here).

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