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August wrap up: A pretty good reading month for me

3. September 2020
August wrap up

Time for this month’s wrap up: Well, that was a really typical summer month, this August. Weeks of heat here in Northern Germany, which could only be endured in or near the water. Fortunately we were able to get hold of one of the last pools in the hardware store. I had quite some time to read and managed to cross out four books from my TBR. Some of them had been lying there for quite a while, so it was about time.

So, what did I read:

The Rivals – Vi Keeland
The First Time I Saw You – Emma Cooper
Where The Blame Read – Mia Sheridan
Where The Truth Lives – Mia Sheridan

That’s about 1,658 pages in total and several hours of reading fun. I was really happy about Emma Cooper’s “The First Time I Saw You”. The author was new to me and I just thought to give it a try and was not disappointed.

I already new Mia Sheridan as an author before due to the fact, that “Archer’s Voice” is one of my favorite love stories ever. But with these two books – Where The Blame Lies and Where The Truth Lives – the author has ventured into other terrain and written two incredibly intense thrillers that have totally captivated me. Well, last but not least, Vi Keeland is one of my unicorns, so it was a no-brainer that I’d read this book too.

I hope you had an equally successful reading month and I’m looking forward to any comments about the books you were able to read!

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