Let’s talk romance novels – is back online!

8. September 2020 is back online - let's talk romance novels

I love reading, probably as much as you do, my dear blog visitor! But do you love romance novels just as much? Yes? That’s great! Then you’ve found the perfect place to browse for a little while!

Let me introduce you to my new blog! I’ve been offline for about 3 years now, life got in the way as always…;-) But now I’m back. With a new design and and with renewed energy!

In the past weeks I worked in the background on the site. I wrote some reviews about books I read recently or about my all time favorites. The website is far from being finished and a continuous work in progress. But I am quite happy with the way it looks now and hope you like it as well!? Please let me know what you think, I would be so happy about your comments. Is there something that you’re missing? What would you like to read here? Please let me know.

I really hope that this site will be a place where you can have fun and find one or the other recommendation for your reading list. Romance novels are just the best and there are so many good ones out there! Let’s find them together!


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