Book Review: Jegudiel by Tillie Cole

4. June 2021
Book Review Jegudiel by Tillie Cole

June 2 was the release date of Tillie Cole’s new book. I was one of the lucky ones who got to read the book in advance in exchange for an honest review. So here comes my book review for “Jegudiel”: First of all, let me say that I am a huge Tillie Cole fan. Her dark romance stories are always amazing and have never disappointed me. I love the “Scarred Souls” series, but her standalones like “Lord of London Town” are also great, too. I have no idea how she comes up with these dark stories, because it really takes a lot of imagination. But for me as a dark romance fan, they are just the greatest!

I read the prequel to “The Fallen” series and book 1 “Raphael” quite a while ago, but could still remember the story and the characters very well. I was all the more excited for book number 2 in the series and was very happy to receive an ARC for “Jegudiel”. I devoured the book and got through it very quickly in my limited reading time.

The story of Diel and Noa is just breathtaking, both couldn’t be a better fit for each other. They both had to go through so much in their past, experienced unimaginable things. I don’t want to tell too much about the content, so as not to spoil the story. In any case, we can find a lot of story material for the next books in here…

I really hope that Tillie will soon give us book number 3 in this series, I can not wait, that’s for sure! So the bottom line is: “Jegudiel” is a clear must-read for all dark romance fans and gets five stars from me!

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