About ilovebooksblog.com

Hello and welcome to ilovebooksblog! I am happy that you are here and share my love for books.

This blog is all about “Contemporary Romance”. All the book genres of the world and the corresponding blogs have their respective niches and their fans. And I happen to like a bit of romance – with a nice story, likeable protagonists, a little bit sexy, but preferably with a happy ending.

So, what kind of books will you find here: Love stories from the here and now, no historical novels or paranormal stories – I personally don’t like them that much. I like to read stories with businessmen or athletes, rock stars or generally with “Alpha Males”. I’ve got a clear preference in this case and you know what to expect from me. But well, as I said, to each his own – the classics of world literature can be read by others, but not necessarily by me… 😉

So if you happen to share my reading preference, then I would be very happy if you stay here on my blog and maybe pick up one or the other book recommendation. I’m also looking forward to the exchange with you, your comments and remarks and further book tips.

Please note: I am a German girl who reads exclusively in English. And this blog is written in English as well (which means that I have to ask in advance to excuse any language mistakes since I’m not a native speaker, but I’ll try my best :-)). So, this site is all about English originals, often written by indie authors who came to my attention and who simply write great, entertaining books. You can also find links to author profiles in various social media – many of them are really worth following. I would be very happy if I can help one or another author to make her books more popular in Germany – even if it’s just to one new reader 😉

And another short note: All books presented here, I bought myself. #unpaidadvertising Should I decide to read an ARC or otherwise cooperate with an author, I will make a respective note at the beginning of a review. Otherwise you can always be sure that I will let you know my honest opinion about the book and will not post any embellished reviews.

Well then, I’m looking forward to an exciting journey, which this blog is for me already. To an interesting exchange with other romance readers – I’m sure you’re out there somewhere!

About Suzy

My name is Suzy, I’m 40 years old and live in Northern Germany, somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin, pretty close to the Baltic Sea. I’ve always enjoyed reading, as far as I can remember. Sure, there are always phases in your life in which you more or less feel like reading, but books have accompanied me all my life. A few years ago, when I was tied to bed for weeks on end due to my somewhat complicated pregnancy, I devoured one book after another. I had nothing else to do anyway… 🙂

DuAbout Suzy from ilovebooksblog.comring this time I read a lot of German authors: Kerstin Gier or Ildikó von Kürthy with their entertaining, amusing novels, or something funny by Tommy Jaud. Occasionally a few titles from the bestseller lists too, but thematically heavy stuff is not really my cup of tea.

Then “Shades of Grey” was published and since “everyone” read it, I read it too. And some other books that also became famous in this hype, e.g. the Crossfire books. That’s all well and good, but in retrospect I realized that there are a lot of other authors with better stories and above all a more appealing writing style. Many of them are indie authors.

From a certain point on I only read the English original, which has the positive side effect that my language skills don’t rust too much. Once I found an author whose stories I liked, I usually downloaded all her other books to my Kindle. And so everything took its course. I’ve read several hundred books in the last few years and plan to continue doing so. On this book blog I would like to share my past and future favorite books with you and hope that by sharing them with you, I will become aware of other great authors. So let’s read on!